Private Guided Tour Acropolis Parthenon     Acropolis Museum Guided Tour     Private Guided Tour Acropolis Parthenon     Private Guided Tour Acropolis Parthenon     Private Guided Tour Acropolis Parthenon     Private Guided Tour Acropolis Parthenon

Small Groups from €85pp

Climbing the Acropolis and learning about its history is perfectly matched by discovering the artefacts and antiquities from the ancient archaeological site which are housed in the Acropolis Museum. This private guided tour of both the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum is the ultimate way to appreciate a history spanning over 5,000 years.

What you can expect

Through beautiful cobble-paved pathways you will reach the base of the Acropolis where under the watchful eye of your expert licensed guide, you will climb to the top reaching what is widely accepted as the navel of Western Civilisation. Walk through the Propylaea, the imposing marble-gate of the Acropolis that is a mix of Doric and Ionic columns. Take a look at the Ionic Temple of Athena Nike and get the chance to know the Greek maidens or Caryatids that support the Erechtheion. The Parthenon awaits to show off its architectural beauty and its harmonious structure where you will learn all about its secrets and the beauty behind its construction.

An engaging tour inside the Acropolis Museum follows. Take in this spectacular modern structure, that was designed by the acclaimed architect Bernard Tschumi, offering uninterrupted views overlooking the Acropolis with glimpses of an ancient city that can be seen through glass panelled floors. Consistently rated as one of the best museums in the world you will be guided through must see artefacts including the original Caryatids from the Erechtheion and giant pediments that once formed part of the Parthenon.

At a glance - The start time is up to you, but you'll begin at the Acropolis where you will be guided around in fascinating detail about this ancient site ( approx 1.5 hours). Then take your newly acquired knowledge of the Acropolis over to the near by Acropolis Museum where the tour continues (further 1.5 hours). The itinerary can be changed to suit your needs, you may prefer to do the Acropolis Museum before the Acropolis and this can easily be arranged. Specify any requests in the notes of your booking.


* This tour gets you to the heart of both the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum which go hand in hand from a historical perspective.

* If you are short on time, this is an ideal way of covering two of the must do attractions efficiently and the knowledgeable guides keep you interested and engaged.

* Entry tickets are all pre-arranged in advance, so there is no waiting around in lengthy queues.

* Two children per group up to the age of 10 go free* (more info below)


Wear comfortable walking shoes as there is an ascent up to the archaeological site. We would rate this walk as low to medium intensity, you don’t need to be super fit. Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen and a good hat during summer.

There is a kiosk at the entry below the Acropolis that serves drinks and light refreshments. You are only allowed to enter the site with water.

The most delicious Greek yoghurt is close by, so be sure to check it out before or after your tour!


Persons over 11 years of age:

  • €70-84pp for 5-6 people
  • €85pp for 4 people
  • €100pp for 3 people
  • €145pp for 2 people
  • €290 for 1 person


Children up to 10 years:

  • First 2 children go free
  • 3 Children €30 in total
  • 4-5 Children €50 in total
  • 6-7 Children €70 in total


Price exclusions:

  • * All taxes are included in the price
  • * In case of rain, you will be notified about any changes to your scheduled walk
  • * According to Greek law, only a licensed tour guide is allowed to take you to into an archaeological site, a church, museum or around monuments. Licensed and accredited guides in Greece undergo extensive study and training.
  • * You may cancel your reservation without penalty up to 72 hours before the scheduled tour date
  • * If you cancel 48 hours before the scheduled tour date, 50% of the amount will be refunded
  • * Cancellation 24 hours before or less does not entitle you to a refund
  • * In the event that you do not honour your reservation and not inform us of a cancellation, the full tour fee will be charged.
  • * Tours do not operate on Christmas Day, 26th December, Easter Sunday and national holidays.
  • * This tour is independently run by a professionally licensed third party operator that we have carefully selected. The operator of the tour will contact you to organise your meeting point and start time closer to the date of the tour

Small Groups from €85pp

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