Rules of engagement on the Agora

By booking through the Why Athens market place, you understand that we do not run or operate tours but rather bring together what we believe are among the best operators offering a superior product or service, based on our years of experience on the ground and understanding of what our readers needs and wants are. Your booking and purchase will be done directly with the vendor of that product and/or service. They will communicate directly with you.

Why book through our Agora?

Book through us to find competitive top rated services or products that are vetted by us.

To access exclusive deals or packages that you won’t find elsewhere.

For peace of mind. The traditional rules of a market place are upheld on our Agora, to ensure it remains efficient and competitive to you. Vendors are either invited by us or make formal applications to come on board. They must meet a strict list of criteria in order to be considered. We continue to monitor prices to ensure they remain competitive.

For added comfort to you, we advocate first and foremost for our readers (that’s you!) to ensure your experience is hassle free.

You can contact us with any questions or concerns relating to a booking or purchase.

What type of payments do you accept?

You can utilise your Visa and Mastercard via the MangoPay Payment System. Personal cheques or money orders are not accepted.

Is it safe to transact via your marketplace?

Yes, we utilise the global payments system of MangoPay SA, a public limited liability company incorporated in Luxembourg and a registered and approved Electronic Money Institution to undertake secured transactions. Why Athens does not receive, hold or store any credit card details from people making purchases.

Mangopay FAQS Why Athens Agora

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged immediately at the time of purchase to secure your booking or product. For tours which require vendor confirmation of availability, you will be asked to confirm payment once the vendor has confirmed the product or service is available, within 1 to 3 days of receiving your request.

Bookings for services such as tours or transfers cannot be made within 12 hours of the services required.

How do you vett vendors and what are you looking for?

Vendors must be locally owned and/or operated businesses, running for a minimum of 3 years. This means they directly control and are accountable for what they’re offering. Above all, we get to know everyone on our Agora to ensure we’re dealing with people who take pride in their work and share our goals of how we like to do things. We personally experience the services and tours or evaluate products before you see them on our Agora. We also take feedback seriously from our customers and monitor comments and remarks as part of our ongoing evaluation of vendors and vendor products.

There are so many different types of “guides” and “experts” available for tours, what’s the difference?

According to Greek law, only a licenced guide is allowed to take you into an archaeological site, church, museum or around monuments. Licenced and accredited guides in Greece undergo extensive study and training. They can provide you with a much more detailed narrative and understanding about the places you visit. This is strictly enforced around Greece.

Full disclosure

Why Athens will receive a commission should you purchase products or services from our Agora market place. There are no additional or hidden costs to you. This helps us keep our site running and we of course appreciate your support.


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