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Agora. noun [Greek: αγορά]

A gathering place or market place, especially in classical Greece


The concept of an agora is most prevalent in Athens than anywhere else in Greece. You’ll find a vivid display of street markets or “laiki” of some description as you explore the city, from Plaka to downtown Athinas St and throughout the suburbs and neighbourhoods.

So with this very Athenian tradition in mind, we welcome you to our Agora, an online market place that puts you directly in touch with the best products, services and experiences to be found in Athens.

In upholding the ideals of a true market place, we have carefully selected a mixed group of vendors. We’re pretty picky who we represent and work with and on that basis, all of our vendors are local businesses who have been carefully vetted by us, based on value for money and who offer a reliable and consistent service.

We haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a tourist in this town and have an acute understanding of where the gaps are that can often isolate or disappoint tourists. Things like airport transfers, getting to the Temple of Poseidon or arranging a transfer to or from the Port of Piraeus shouldn’t be overpriced or difficult to arrange.

You’ll find a tight offering on our Agora that will no doubt expand over time as we continue to experience and validate the products and services available in the city.

We hope you find it useful in enhancing your experience and understanding of Athens. Do get in touch with us, with any questions or feedback about the products or services on offer.

Thanks for stopping by our Agora.

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